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Shakti Dance® is the Yoga of Dance, merging Shakti and Shiva; the individual “drop” with the all-embracing “ocean” of awareness. 

As a form of yoga, Shakti Dance® uses flowing, rhythmic organic movements to harmonise mind, body and spirit. Combining, breath, movement, mantra and mindfulness, we are returned to our true nature ~ tuning the body as in instrument to express our essence, with original creativity and authenticity. 

Shakti Dance® is a unique Yogic System with a distinctive method and practice, created by Sara Avtar. It consists of a series of innovative techniques, combined in eight phases, implementing insights drawn from Yogic Philosophy and the practice of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Similar to Kundalini Yoga, Shakti Dance® fuses breath, motion and mindfulness, to expand and merge with infinite Being.

The system of Shakti Dance® stimulates the awakening and embodiment of organic Principles of Harmonious Movement, and brings the Flow of Prana in mind and body into harmonic resonance. This harmonisation activates the ‘Creative Spirit of Shakti’, allowing ‘Wakeful Being’ to shine forth, for full expression of your potential.

In Form: Shakti Dance® is a unique and harmonious blend of Flowing Asanas, Rhythmic Breathing, Energising Dance Exercises, Free Dance, Relaxation, Still Meditation, and Mantra Movement Meditations (Celestial Communications & Mantric Choreographies).

In Essence: Shakti Dance® practice cultivates the free, organic and creative expression of inner being. It massages and liberates the body and mind from blockages, relaxing stress – opening out into peaceful wakeful spaciousness and a gracefully flowing life.



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The soul is reflected and expressed through our dance when we are in most intimate contact with that Being that animates us.”
~ Sara Avtar





Sun 16th Dec. @ 11- 13:00

91322 Schloss Guttenburg

SaraSwaraRasa- Yoga of Dance Workshop


In this Workshop we will use the voice to express sound- through mantras and refine the authentic guidance of movement through the breath.

SaraSwaraRasa is the radiant resonance of aware prana-shakti, characteristic to a Shaki Dance class. Its attunement and harmonization brings a profound shift of perspective, expanding horizons and opening out into a deep meditative space of Peaceful Presence.


Join us in Schloss Guttenburg Sunday 16th Dec. @ 11:00 am and bathe in this regenerating space of Shakti which imparts clarity of purpose and elevates the Creative Spirit.